Restoring the Foundations

The United States Supreme Court has just ruled that same sex marriage is now legal in all 50 states.  Many Christians are upset and are planning a political backlash of some sort.  They are mostly upset because they see the Christian values they grew up with being overthrown and mocked. But politics is not the answer because political power has never changed a human heart.

USSCSome people might respond “Our nation needs a revival!”  This is closer to the truth.  But is our nation ready for a revival?

God sent John the Baptist to prepare the way for Jesus.  John was very successful. Even though his ministry never saved anyone.  John was the greatest pre-evangelist in the history of the world.

John was so successful that Jesus said “The fields are already ripe for harvest.”

Importance of Pre-evangelism

The fields are not ripe for harvest today.  Our nation is not ready for a revival.  Our nation is not even ready for the gospel seed to be planted.  Our culture, especially on the university campus, is mainly made up of the hard ground of Matthew 13. 

When Jesus told the Parable of the Soils, he said some of the seed fell on hard ground and the birds came and ate the seed.  Because the ground had never been plowed up, the seed never got into the soil.  We have to plow the ground.  We have to prove to the culture that the gospel message is reasonable and worth considering.

Let me change metaphors for a moment.  When Christians see the culture going downhill fast, they are tempted to become discouraged.  Sometimes Christians quote this verse:

“If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?” – Psalm 11:3

This verse is not telling us to give up hope.  No. The only reasonable response is to begin restoring the foundations. Forget about the fact the walls have fallen down and same sex marriage is legal.  It does no good to attempt to prop the walls up if the foundation is destroyed.  We must focus on restoring the foundations.

What are the foundations? 

These are the foundational beliefs people hold.  What would the culture of the United States look like if it was prepared for a great revival and a massive number of new conversions to Christ?

First, we would see a widespread cultural belief in the existence of God (or at the very least, an acceptance that belief in the existence of God is rational).

Second, we would see a common acknowledgement that the Bible and modern science are compatible.  (This is one of my favorite subjects since so many scientists have come to believe in God because of scientific discoveries.)

Third, we would see that many unsaved people accept that the Bible is historically reliable and that the God of the Bible is moral.

Fourth, we’d see a common acceptance that the historical evidence that Jesus rose from the dead is strong.

A Tested Method of Restoring Foundations

My booklet “Why Three Brilliant Atheists Became Christians” helps restore all four foundations. We know the booklet is effective because of focus group testing we did with students at major universities.  If you haven’t read about the focus groups we conducted in southern California, read this

The plan is simple.  We will be targeting the 20 million university students across the United States.  We will partner with local churches and with campus ministries like Cru, Intervarsity and Navigators to train university students to give away up to five million booklets each year.  That’s five million students being impacted by information that will make them more open to the gospel.

Think about this.  There are five million university graduates going into the workforce every year.  If we do this for ten years in a row, we will impact 50 million employees.  We will change the culture for a generation. 

We will be plowing the fields and planting seeds.  We may yet again see the fields ripe unto harvest. 

Will you join with me?  Please pray for God’s work on university campuses.  I believe we are about to see God do some amazing things!    

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