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Planting Seeds on a Tuesday

Yesterday Mike Pizzolato of Pizzolato Video Services and I went onto the university campus to survey students in the hope that some students would allow us to video record our discussion.  We explained that we wanted to make a training … Continue reading

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Planting Seeds – February 20, 2014

I had an interesting experience surveying people at CSULB today.  Due to time constraints, I only surveyed three people. The conversations were not recorded and so the exchanges are not word for word, but the gist is fair and accurate.  … Continue reading

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Hello World!

A few years ago, I read a statistic that said 70-75% of students raised in Christian homes left high school and quit going to church. I was gobsmacked! I knew that happened some, of course, but 70-75%?!  My mind kept … Continue reading

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